ICT Solution

Kingston upon Thames to support the implementation of TF Cloud

Project Purpose

  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (RBK) have appointed One Consulting Group (OCG) to deliver procurement support and software implementation services to their project to implement a new Asset Management System for their Property Services function.  
  • The chosen software is the Technology Forge’s TF Cloud.

Scope of the Project

  • The scope focused on supporting their development of the TF Cloud softwear.
  • OCG provided project management and support implementation.

Phase 1

  • OCG reviewed and assisted in the preparation of project documents.

Phase 2

  • Implementation of property and estate management modules and design of processes.


  • OCG used tried and tested methodology, collaborative processes, effective controls and regular reporting of progress
  • OCG worked collaboratively with the Asset Management & Property Services team. Engaging with staff to collect data and agree configuration and develop the required policies and procedures with stakeholders.