ICT Solution

The London Borough of Hounslow

Project Purpose

The London Borough of Hounslow acquired the services of OCG to help them implement TF Cloud as a direct replacement for their existing CIPFA system and satisfy an audit recommendation.

Scope and Outputs

  • The main aim of the project was to prepare and launch the TF Cloud software to enable the Council to better manage it’s Corporate and commercial estates.
  • The Property and Estates Management modules of TF Cloud were introduced.
  • All the Council’s corporate and commercial properties held in one single system.
  • Improved functionality and processes for managing all leases, licenses and rents.
  • New business processes were designed and implemented.
  • Key staff were trained on TF Cloud.
  • TF Cloud was launched on time and to the satisfaction of all time stakeholders.


  • OCG oversaw the system set up and migration property and estate management data into TF Cloud.
  •  OCG improved existing business processes to align with new technologies.
  • A strong project governance framework was used throughout the project.