Asset Strategy


Project Purpose

OCG conducted an Asset Strategy Property Review on behalf of London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The purpose of the review was to create a sustainable, fit for purpose estate which supports and enhances service delivery, achieves value for money and to generate sustainable long-term revenue income.

Scope and Outputs

  • The review encompassed a top down approach including engagement with services to understand how buildings and space are occupied and a review of prioritised operational and non-operational buildings.
  • Opportunity reports were produced categorising properties by Deliverability, Time and Financial efficiencies to be achieved. This resulted in identification of 72 opportunities including;
  • 28 Development Opportunities
  • 29 Opportunities to deliver Financial Efficiencies totalling £2m+
  • 15 opportunities that promote housing have been identified which would result in 250+ new homes for Tower Hamlets